Well, the meteoric rise of AAP and Kejriwal took many by surprise. But, one close look and deeper analysis will surmise this entire phenomenon called AAP n the faces behind it. AAP was formed way back during 2004 which systematically worked its way till its culmination with Delhi Election 2013 with Anarchist Kejri at helm of affairs. AAP is a year old party on paper but technically it was formed way back. Kejri is the man handpicked by SG and NAC to discredit Congress and BJP alike in 2004.

NAC is more powerful than Government of India and the Congress Party as well. The super powerful lobby of vested interests such as Leftists, Churches, Saudi Jehadi’s, Psuedo-secularists, Arms, Drug and Natural Resources Mafia, Western Educated Intellectuals are members of this NAC and Planning Commission. The members are also part of Judiciary, Executive, Bureaucracy and Media. They have infiltrated in each and every institutions including Defence and religious organizations.

Look at how systematically this powerful lobby destroyed Centrist Congress and kept right BJP confused and clueless. The lobby encouraged institutionalization of corruption, criminalization of politics, insensitive public opinion, defacing moral and ethical values, demonizing culture, tradition and religion. It is quite intriguing that how some sane congressmen never questioned Madhavrao Scindia’s death, Pilot’s road accident, systematic removal of Indira Loyalists from Parties key positions such as
Mukherji’s removal. Forget that, at least question systematic removal of Vadra’s kith and kin…??? Poor Vadra is just a pawn, caretaker of family’s illgotten wealth!

Anyway, it is almost the same time when MMS was handpicked by Madame SG as rubber stamp PM, anarchist Kejri already part of Left/Socialist NGO picked up by NAC. Corrupt bureaucracy is also part of NAC which takes credit for RTI another blackmailing tool. Anarchist Kejri with SGs blessings started working since then.  As an unassuming person, he could mingle well with anybody be it right, center or left(core party).  So much so that he is well entrenched with RSS! Anarchist Kejri claimed his proximity to RSS due to his proclaimation as Ramakrishna Mission Fan. It is this proximity of RSS he used during India Against Corruption and RSS went Gung Ho about the success of IAC.  RSS remained oblivious of the fact that the organization is being used by a traitor for ulterior motives. In fact, old congressmen, Anna Hazare, Swami Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, BJP, eminent business groups were used by Anarchist Kejri and his rogue cronies.

Meanwhile, SG who knew old congressmen very well, kept all of them busy fighting with each other and worked with all-powerful NAC to plunder country’s wealth, play with country’s policies.  Since 2004-2013, this vested groups looted the country’s wealth, played with education system, foreign policy, industrial policy, economic policy, defence policy, agriculture policy, judiciary, media, executive and above all culture, religion, tradition and value systems.

Blackmailing, RTI, Yellow/Investigative Journalism etc. took lead role in unearthing scams through its blurred visions.  It is sad but true that how these groups succeeded in blinding and shaking our faith about various institutions such as judiciary, marriage etc. We refuse to accept what is right, truthful and celebrate wrong and blatant lies.

SG, RaGa, PGV, Ahmed Patel, A.K.Anthony, Vincent George etc.(core Cong(SG) remained wary of old congressmen despite their unflinching loyalties to the Family. SG took a smart move while removing Pranab babu from Cong and elevating him as Prez of India. By 2009-10, SG sensed that it will be difficult to carry on business as usual with old congressmen, meanwhile NaMo’s surge in Gujarat was making lives difficult for Leftsists/Socialists/Congis/Churches/Jehadis/Psuedo-secularists.  Media created  IAC gave opportunity to SG to discredit old congressmen and launch NAC men as credible alternative to Original Congress.  Anarchist Kejri and Cronies also stood out as acceptable to middle class youth and old than Old fashioned Congressis and out of sync traditional BJP.  Since 2004, SG also saw how old-fashioned congress failed in containing the rise of NaMo.  Thus, NAC, SG, Patel and Anthony worked in tandem since 2004 to look for an alternative to Old Congress and stop Nationalist NaMo from surging ahead.

Look at the events prior to Delhi Assembly Elections: it can’t be mere coincidences such as how LG Khanna was out and the current incumbent Jung brought in, electoral rolls played with and poll timing extended to suit some vested groups, IB with no information.  Then, result of Delhi election and the drama thereafter all suggests a greater game plan, a well scripted strategy than plain simple Aam Janata’s win over Corrupt System.  In fact 2013 Delhi Assembly Election is the gamble SG played and won with
the NAC trained anarchist Kejri and ultra left cronies to teach old congressmen a lesson and keep right BJP out of power.  The game played well and will be replicated especially in BJP ruled states during Loksabha Elections, 2014.  

AAP is the new face of young, modern, acceptable Congress and anarchist Kejri-another MMS to keep NaMo and resurgent right at bay. Excellent Plan to maintain the status quo!

Couple of questions before I wrap up Kejrinama and AAP genesis:

1. If so much about Aam Aadmi’s Power, why not make Dharmendra Koli-Seelampuri AAP MLA Chief Minister than Anarchist, IIT grad not so AAM KEJRI?? Let the power go to the least powerful, have not Koli than Rich and privileged Kejri. Devolution of power to the poor, under privileged and not just sham. Who you are fooling?

2.The proposed Ministers in the Kejri Cabinet are all privileged guys, not AAM in real sense: Sisodia and Rakhi Birla-Journalists, S.Bharti- Ex IIT, Supreme Court Lawyer, S.Bhardwaj-US educated engineer(definitely not AAM), Soni-CPIM Brinda Karat’s man, Jain-Architect(not AAM Aadmi).

3.Kejri, Bharti and other privileged IITians who after IIT prefers to become IAS, IRS, IFS or lawyers. IIT as such is subsidized higher education to promote excellence and not becoming corrupt Babus. Why did you go to IIT at the first place by blocking someone else’s chance?? Anarchist Kejri and Bharti….Please answer?

4.How come your wife is still continuing service in the same department if you think that it is most corrupt? Who you are fooling Mr. Kejriwal??

5.Difference between Anarchist Kejri and Nationalist NaMo? NaMo AAM AADMI in real sense from tea vendor to CM/PM-Devolution of Power by BJP and Kejri KHAS AADMI always-status quo maintained promoted by Sonya Maino/Gandhi.

Finally, I feel sad that as Indians we have become insipid billions crawling over, blinded by blurred visions refused to follow righteous path, truthfulness and Dharma.

Vande Matram


NaMo Jammu Rally

NaMo Jammu Rally by R. Swaminatri

The first visit of Sh.Narendra Modi after being anointed as the BJPs PM candidate shall be viewed as the sounding of the bugle (Shankhnad) for the 2014 Lok Sabah Elections. Since the election campaign for the ensuing elections of five states will be over by Sunday, except that he will address an election Rally in South Delhi. In that case the choice of Jammu has implying connotations in many ways.

One, that the foundations of the Jansangh the earlier avtar of Jammu BJP started off from this temple, town soon after the murder of Late Sh. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. It was the Kashmir issue in conjecture with concerns of Hindu Nationalists about the future of cultural nationalism,   which forced the RSS leadership in early 50s to form a Political party with great reluctance but the persuasion from Late Mukherjee and others forced them to accept the proposal to form a political party.

The RSS at that time was still bruised by the assassination of Gandhi and subsequent ban on the organization. Their side of story would not get a serious attention in absence of political platform aka a political party.  Simultaneously, Praja Parishad Movement led by Late Prem Nath Dogra an earlier Avtar of Jammu  Jansangh was at its peak against  Nehruvian arrangement of the state through its protégée Shiekh Mohmad Abdulla. It will be appropriate to connect the present Movement led by Modi to the very edifice of its ideology of Cultural Nationalism.

Secondly, It looks logical to kick start 2014 poll campaign from the top end of the country though it would have been more appropriate in many ways to hold it in Leh, Ladhakh being the extreme northern district, and possibly with some political maneuvering could have yielded electoral benefits, and added a seat more in addition to the expectations of the seats in Jammu and Udhampur. Such pre poll understanding would have sent signals that even in a Muslim Majority J&K under Modi, BJP can expect 50% parliamentary seats of the state. There is always a next time and still 6 months to go for the elections to happen.

Thirdly, Kashmir is a live wire; handling or delving in it is matter of acumen and expertise and if in his expression Sh. Modi is able to convince the common wisdom of the Kashmir experts even partly, that can add to his support on a different level.

Though, much water has flown down the Tawi but challenges in this northern frontier have become more severe and serious. It is different matter that Jammu once seen as a hub of Jansangh next to Delhi in northern India dithered from its founding principles and ideology of Cultural Nationalism.

In the beginning of seventies, especially after the passing away of Sh. Prem Nath Dogra in 1972 soon after the state election the party vis a vis the Parivar split and couldn’t recover from it at least ideologically till date. The leadership became bonhomie with the same forces which they were fighting since partition. Except in the Janata wave of 1977 which united political forces with fractured persuasions and later post Ramjanambhoomi issue they gained electorally. But the connect with people at grass root level remained a casualty. The organizational health survives on the oxygen of issues which surface from time to time like Amarnath agitation but doesn’t translate into electoral gains. There are many fault lines in the organizational structure in approach and methodology that has created a vacuum to fight the Nationalist Cause in the Terror ridden State. Various attempts by the centre leadership remained more cosmetic than surgical, probably with the assumption that the special position of the state is more theoretical than serious influence on electoral Arithmetic.

In the present euphoric wave of Sh. Modi in the Mainland India numbers in the rally may surpass the expectations, especially the readymade crowd of Kashmiri MIGRANTS and presence of Kashmiri Muslims who are joining in numbers.

R.Swaminatri is a researcher and occassional blogger