Hindus Expect Fulfillment of Promises & Clear Time-Bound Road map – VHP.

Struggle for Hindu Existence

VHP hails BJP manifesto with a demand of clear cut and time bound road map for its fulfillment. 

BJP Manifesto - VHP Expects Clear and Time bound Road Map.Hindu Existence Bureau| New Delhi | 9 April 2014:: On 6th April at Indore, senior Vishwa Hindu Parishad  leader Pravin Togadia conveyed his sharp demands to all the political parties, especially BJP, to promise various concessions and schemes for Hindu community in their manifestos, apart from enactment of law to build the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

“We on behalf of the majority of Hindus have demanded that all the political parties should promise to provide fee-reimbursement to Rs 10 crore poor Hindu students in their manifestos,” said Togadia, the international working president of VHP.

Jobs should be provided to Hindu youths and security to over four lakh Kashmiri Hindus living in refugee camps, he said.

The parties should also promise to enact a law to facilitate construction of the Ram Temple in…

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Communal Clash over the Route of Ram Navmi Procession at Kanpur. Tension prevails. Sec. 144 imposed in the city.

Struggle for Hindu Existence

Anti Hindu elements erupted communal clashes to stop Ramnavmi Procession in Kanpur. Heavy deployment of Police to restore peace in the area. Police started case against 700 unidentified culprits.  Sec. 144 imposed in the city. 

Kanpur DM appeals for peace after communal clashes during Ram Navmi

1157_9PTI | Kanpur (Uttrpradesh) Apr 09, 2014 :: After a clash between two communities over the route of a procession on the occasion of Ram Navmi in Kalyanpur area near in Kanpur, the district magistrate on Wednesday appealed to people to maintain peace and harmony. [See Hindi report here].

The situation is under control in the area and schools and colleges have been opened, DM Roshan Jacob told reporters, adding SMS alerts have also been sent out to people in the area.

A team of senior officials has already been sent to the area for investigations, he said. CCTV cameras have been installed in the area and…

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California’s City Council Opened with Hindu Prayers.

Indian Political Establishments is still serving the interest of their WHITE MASTERs after 65 years of Independence!

Struggle for Hindu Existence

Honour of Sanskrit, Veda, Upanishad, Gita and Hindu Dharma in USA. The West is attracted with ancient Sanskrit Culture of Bharat, but the political  maroons in India just discard it !!

With Hindu prayers California’s City Council Opened.

Just before the Newman City Council Hindu invocation, from left to right, are— Councilmember Nicholas Candea, Mayor Pro Tem Robert Martina, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, Mayor Ed Katen and Councilmember Roberta Davis.Just before the Newman City Council Hindu invocation, from left to right, are— Councilmember Nicholas Candea, Mayor Pro Tem Robert Martina, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, Mayor Ed Katen and Councilmember Roberta Davis.

spyghana.com | Newman City | 11 April, 2014::   Newman City Council in California (USA), which celebrated 125th Anniversary in 2013, had its first historic Hindu invocation on April eight (08-04-2014, Tuesday) evening, containing verses from world’s oldest existing scripture.

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed delivered the opening prayer from ancient Sanskrit scriptures before the City Council. After Sanskrit delivery, he then read the English translation of the prayer. Sanskrit is considered a sacred language in Hinduism and root language of…

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Letters from Anguished, Sad, Unhappy Fellow Common Indians-Part 3

These days people do not have time for each other and most importantly EVERYBODY IS INTERESTED IN SHOWING, PUBLICITY RATHER THAN LISTENING & OBSERVING!

At times, these Publicity Stunts can go to any extent to seek public attention. During this attention seeking process, the seeker gets arrogant and at times bullies supporters following him & her. This sort of dangerous behavior is often found in Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbhir etc.

Arrogance, utter disrespect, scant regards for basic human values are traits commonly found amongst Journalist Fraternity worldwide. But, right now, would like to comment on how Native Rulers have created this Monstrous MEDIA to shun TRUTH and perpetuate BLATANT LIES without responsibility or remoarse. The Native Rulers have created dedicated propaganda staff i.e. Media which is supposedly One of the Pillars of Democracy. Unfortunately, this Pillar of Democracy has become so corrupt that it goes on 24×7 blurting out Lies, Concocted stories, Rumour & Hate Mongering. Entire Journalist Fraternity has lost basic human sanity. General Human Suffering has no place in this FAKE MAKE BELIEVE WORLD OF MEDIA. REAL STORIES DOESN’T SELL, ONLY FAKE REAL STORIES SELLS WHICH TANTALIZES VIEWERS, SENSATIONALIZE!

In that series of letters from anguished sad, unhappy fellow common Indian, putting down the final letter which SIMPLY DISTRESSED & SADDENED ME!


It was just wonderful to receive a word from you. You have to conclude that we, today, are a nation devoid of any perception of honour or shame. The battering our image as a nation has faced is not experienced by our national/political neta-ship. I spend my days locked-up, away from the world, away from newspapers and visual media – a nation where TRP-ratings are of greater importance than the tragedies and livelihood issues that surround us.

50% families in India do not have a single electric bulb in their homes and over 800 million Indians do not have any toilet facilities, the Supreme Court of India has been playing ‘footsie’ on the issue of synthetic milk being circulated over the past 20 years – duly documented.

Who am I appealing to??? Who, do I appeal to???? 



Letters from Anguished, Sad, Unhappy Fellow Common Indians-Part 2


It was indeed a pleasure to hear from you once again. The delay on my side in getting back to you was simply on account of an ever mounting despondency, depression and over-whelming sadness.

The much hyped Rahul Baba’s training and employment programme ‘VTP’ for an annual 2 crore ‘Jawan Josh’ guys and gals with an allocation of around Rupees three lacs per head (very similar to the UP Government Bio-gas plant scheme in which you had put in much time and finances), the entire data punched into the government website by the co-respondents and implementing agencies – VTPs and ITIs from the district of Gautam Budh Nagar closing 2014 is false and fabricated to protect the jobs of prominent officials linked to the programme.

Not a single, and I repeat, not a single teenager or young adult has been listed or trained or, provided with employment. I have been a part of this programme from 2012 working at the level of the General Secretary and under the supervison of people like Shri Prabhat Kumar, Yogendra Narain and others of his ilk. I appealed to those concerned not to pervert official government data since it would amount to not only a betrayal of the younger generations but also amount to treachery and betrayal of the entire country.

The result as you know, I quit forthwith. You will appreciate, people of the level of a Cabinet Secretary or a Prinicpal Secretary or, CEO Greater Noida Authority are not educated to listen to good reason, for them, the show must go on – the resulting loss to the nation is of no consequence, concern and may be adjusted in collateral damage. As you have rightly said sometime back that We Common Indians are at the mercy of NATIVE RULING CLASS(Comprises of Politicians, Bureaucracy, Judiciary & Media). 

Is there anything to expect from the coming General Elections?? YES, IF WE ELECT INDECISIVELY, then we will get What Delhi Got after Delhi Assembly Election in Dec.2013-‘A SUPER CON PARTY WITH MULTIPLE MASKS'(AAP+CONG+LEFT+).

Prices of ALL COMMODITY WILL shoot-up a minimum four-fold to bring India at par with prices around the world. Powerful Business Groups owns the Government of India Ltd., incorporated in the Bahamas and India will be raped and ravaged (whatever now remains) in a manner that would put to shame the combined thought processes of the Tartars, Turks, Moghuls, the Huns.

Am I depressing you?? Rather sorry – I know I have grown too old to worry about such things. I should, like a million Indian senior citizens plead helplessness, sit back relax and accept whatever happens. This, I will not, I repeat, will not do. Thus, I pray and urge fellow common Indians to Exercise your RIGHT DECISIVELY & LOGICALLY.