My Young Chinese Friends

This is time to rework a new relation between India & China. India & China must work together to make Asian Century rather than competiting with each other. There is a strong cultural & religious link between both countries which must be rekindled. With West getting disarrayed, it is time to rework the energies in East especially between two old civilizations!


My Young Chinese Friends: By Basuhan9 

Nine months back on my regular official trip to Chennai & Trivandrum, I met three Chinese youth in the age group of 20-23. Why am I talking about Chinese Youth today, when Bharat is passing through such a difficult period, politicians, bureacracy, judiciary, media, all democratic institutions are at their lowest ebb; it’s last hope Youth(future of India) standing confused rather at crossroad. Perhaps, this is apt time to talk about three Chinese Youth!

The First one whom I met at Trivandrum Museum watching closely the displayed artifacts and taking notes. Our Guide could speak little English but okay Hindi. We were around fifteen people and as usual the guide was only explaining few popular stuff. The Chinese young tourist was also in the team. About some displayed artifacts, we asked our guide to explain but the poor man did not have answer. It…

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