Still Defence Personnel being martyred at J&K with no remoarse from Political Class. Aman Ki Asha Vulture type Peaceniks playing worst kinda politics in the name of Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat etc. Vested Interest Group having no idea about rich heritage of Ancient Hindu Kashmir unfortunately been entrusted with solving J&K empasse. The unfolding of current events in J&K making most Hindus uncomfortable and forcing them to think whether Peaceniks trapped PM Modi too!


J&K Assembly Elections, tricky & long process for coalition government formation followed by treacherous turn of events made truly patriotic citizens of Bharat i.e. India worried and anxious. People who sacrificed their near & dear ones for this nation are asking only One Question that is “Will Kashmir consume PM Modi too”? Following piece by Retired Colonel TejK who served in Kashmir reiterated similar anxiousness.

It would amount to sheer heresy if such a question were asked six months back, when the Modi wave had not ebbed and Kejriwal was far from staging an amazing comeback in Delhi; a place where he had been flattened only a few months back in the general elections. But as they say, a week is too long a period in politics. Today, despite his government’s many achievements in a short span of time, Modi looks vulnerable; no where so dangerously as in Kashmir.


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