Maa Bharti Calling You: Youth of Modern Bharat

Bharat, that is India was knowledge based society during ancient time. Bharat contributed significantly in building the knowledge driven society world-wide. There are many literature on greatness of Bharat. But, during Medieval and Modern time this knowledge driven society lost into oblivion. Medieval and Early Modern time did bring few enlightened individuals to the world forum.

We are in 21st century and this century has given the citizens of Bharat an opportunity to rise up to that standard where we could be part of greater picture, be once again a knowledge driven society, world leader in promoting harmony, peace & bring New World Order. This is a clarion call for the Youth of modern Bharat to “Arise,Awake,stop not until your goal is achieved.”(Swami Vivekananda Quote).

Remember: “A nation is not to be judged by its weaklings called the wicked, as they are only the weeds which lag behind, but by the good, the noble, and the pure, who indicate the national life current flowing clear and vigorous.”(Swami Vivekananda).


Rape, Molestation, Sexual Harassment: Is this today’s Bharat??

You pick up morning newspaper, watch TV news which is full of rape, molestation and sexual harassment. Are these mere incidents or it reflects much more? Can these be tackled by law alone? Despite many legislations in place, women are raped, molested and sexually harassed. There are many women groups, activists who keeps fighting for women’s rights etc. but still crime against women is on rise. Why is it so? What is the solution?

Violence against women is on rise even in other democratic states where equality of sexes enshrined in law such as Israel. They are debating seriously about it but in Independent Bharat, we love to politicize everything from Rape to Adultery. It is a social malady and can be tackled with Change in mindset along with timely implementation of law.


Nation First

For all Nationalities, their Nation comes First except Indians. The educated intellectuals of India has been always demonising their own culture, language from time immemorial. They have been opportunists all through, scant regards for their Nation or Culture. We must learn from Israel a small country with UNITED JEWS or for that matter China.