Anguished Cry of Ordinary Citizens

Anguished Cry of Ordinary Citizens-Letter to Times of India & Times Now Editor

This letter was written in the month of March,2014 before Regime Change in India as  many Ordinary, Simple, Honest, Tax-paying, Helpless Citizen like me of this great Nation(Bharat) felt hurt, pained and anguished by the State of Affairs.

Grew up reading Times of India but of late found content & standard deteriorated also found Times Group News Channel equally compromised on many account. As 4th Pillar of Democracy, Media is more powerful than any AAM ADMI…then why falter? We do not know why….what stops a self proclaimed Non-Partisan Group to call a SPADE a SPADE.

Requested, ToI & Newshour to have a serious debate on following issues but unfortunately 4th Pillar of Democracy failed to perform it’s duty.

1. UPA GOVT’s PLAN TO PASS DRACONIAN ANTI-MAJORITY BILL:Sonia’s Final Nail In The Hindus’ Coffin:Comments on Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill (PCTV)- IF THIS BILL IS PASSED HINDUS WILL BE TREATED AS CRIMINALS WORLD WIDE

KEY POINTS: A Hindu against whom any Muslim/Christian/minority make any Complaint shall be presumed in law to be guilty by Police & Courts till that Hindu proves his innocence (Sec70, 71 & 73).

An accused Hindu Shall have to be immediately arrested as all offences under this bill are non-bailable & cognizable (Sec 56).

This law can be invoked only by a minority against Hindus.

Accused Hindu shall not be informed who has complained against him (Sec 38) but police has to inform complainant progress of the case.

A minority is not required to give any evidence to support his complaints against Hindus (Sec 70, 71 & 72).

A Hindu refusing to do business with any minority shall be immediately arrested [Sec 3 (f) (i)]. Taking advantage of such anti – Hindu laws a minority can force a Hindu to sell /rent his property and even surrender his daughters to minorities.

A minority cannot be punished for making even false complaints/ statement against Hindus (Sec 40).

The PCTV Bill (56 pages) is based on presumption that all Hindus are criminalsand communal riots are always committed only by Hindus and never by minorities. This law can be invoked only against Hindus by minorities. Muslims, Christians called “the Group” in the bill (sec 3.e). If they commit violence and hate against Hindus they cannot be booked under this new law as they are exempt from it even though Hindus practice “Ahimsa Parmodharma” – non violence is the highest religion as preached by Budhha, Mahaveer and Gandhi.

Under the PCTV Bill a Hindu against whom a Muslim including a Bangaladeshi Muslim infiltrator, a jehadi terrorist Muslim or a Christian or any minority makes a complaint he shall be presumed ab initio to be guilty of crimes; that Hindu shall have to be arrested as all crimes under this Bill are cognizable and non-bailable [Clause 56 of may 2011 version];  that Hindu shall have to prove his innocence before a Court;  that the Muslim or Christian making complaint is not required to give any proof or evidence to support charge against that Hindu;  that Hindu shall not be informed as to who has made complaint against him [Section 38]; during the pendency of the case the court can attach property of the accused Hindu even before he is found guilty [Sec 80, 81]. After this bill is passed any donation for religious charity made by a Hindu industrialist will invite great penalty and legal action against him. It is worst than Nazi Germany.

If a minority woman complains of rape against a Hindu, he shall be arrested and he shall have to prove that charge against him is false and that Hindu will not know which woman has made complaint. But if a Hindu woman is raped by a minority male then she has to prove charge of rape against that Muslim etc and her identity shall be told to her rapist. (Ind. Exp. 12.1.12) Arun Jaitly, Mamta Banarjee, Jayalalita and Mayawati say that congress wants to establish its dictatorship through this bill.

Taking advantage of this bill a religious minority can force a Hindu to sell his property to him or rent his property to him; can force a Hindu to write off debts a minority owes to him. If a Hindu landlord evicts his Muslim tenant than he can be sent to jail by a false complaint of that tenant. If a Hindu factory owner suspends a Muslim employee for bad work he can be sent to jail by a false complaint of that employee in which no proof required. If a Muslim applies for a job the Hindu industrialist cannot refuse him. A minority can blackmail a Hindu industrialist and collect lacs of rupees from him. This bill will encourage Terrorist elements and pave the ground for Civil War in India. This is Anti-national, Anti-secular, Anti-Harmony, Anti- Democracy, Anti-Constitution, Anti-People and Anti Business. This bill is a violation of human rights of 95 crore Hindu hence we should appeal to the United Nations. Yet Mulayam Singh is supporting this will.

This Bill if enacted as a law shall give a legal weapon to every minority to send to jail for 10 years or more any Hindu. (Indian Express 12/1/12) The question arises why there is so much hatred against peace loving innocent Hindus. All this is because there is Muslim unity (Muslim Vote Bank) but No Hindu unity (Hindu Vote Bank). Congress should pass this bill because this bill will create permanent hatred between majority and minorities, damaging the future of minorities. Hindus always desire the prosperity of Muslims through mutual cooperation resulting in real peace and prosperity of the country hence majority and minority should unite to throw away the conspiracy of this anti national bill. Muslim who has renounced religious hatred and violence is our dear brother.

Many minority institutions including Jemait-e-Ulema Hind are forcing congress for passing this bill. Hence congress will pass this bill saliently to win 2014 election with Muslim votes. Gulam Navi Azad said that govt. is committed to pass this bill. Muslims are rising because they get unlimited fund, Hindus are shrinking because they don’t get any funds.

2.THE CONFUSED NATION THAT WE ARE.. Mostly repeat — but we forget to Act; — even Ponder/Think of a Solution — or share !!! 

1. A policeman kills a leopard that is actually attacking a villager, and instead of being felicitated he is booked for the crime of saving a human being at the insistence of some Wildlife Organisations.

2. A nation where:

* Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and SIM Card is free.

* Where a pizza you have ordered reaches home faster than an ambulance or police, even if you were being murdered or having a heart attack!!!

3. A nation where:

* A car loan is charged at 5% but Education loan, so necessary for our youth is charged an interest of 12%.

4. A nation where:

* Students with 45% get into elite institutions through the quota system, and

* Those with 90% are sent away because of merit.

5. A nation where:

* A millionaire buys a cricket team, spending crores instead of donating the money to any charity.

6. A nation where: 

* Two IPL teams were auctioned at 3300 crores,

* Yet we a poor country where millions don’t get two square meals per day.

7. A country where: 

* Ordinary salary tax payer is punished/fined for error in paying little less in tax,

* But the IPL collecting thousands of crores has not paid any income tax  and no body has any issue about it.

8. A country where: 

* Footwear is sold in AC showrooms,

* But the vegetables we eat, are sold on the footpath and very often next to garbage dumps.

9. Its a strange nation we live in: 

* Where assembly complex buildings get ready within a year, while

* Public bridges, flyovers and sea links take several years even to get off the drawing board, and another decade to be completed.

* We have malls, and sky-rises, with slums forming their boundary wall.

10. A country where: 

* Men and women squat on railway tracks, with no where else to go, while

* Watching them from windows, are couples (just ‘Two’) with three bathrooms and one for the guests.

11. A country where: 

* Politicians who are supposed to serve the people accept money from the same people they are supposed to serve, and then

* Take a salary from the government for their services to these people.

12. We are a nation: 

* Where we talk in hushed whispers about the corruption in the country and then

* Dig into our pockets to bribe a cop when we are caught cutting a red light.

13. A country: 

* Where to get small service in Govt. needs a minimum qualification of graduation, but

* No qualification is required to run the same Govt. (get elected!).

14. A country: 

Where our soldiers defending our borders, when jailed by neighbouring  countries, are tortured & not even provided proper food/ facilities, but the militants from across the borders when in our jails are served  biryani on demand.

Think about it & Why can’t we do something about it………..this includes all Judiciary, Executive, 4th Estate and all Citizens of this Great Nation. Let us all take a resolve and do our bit. The time has come to go above self and protect our Nation. We want all pillars of democracy to lead the country forward and free itself from CORRUPTION, SYCOPHANCY & MEDIOCRACY .



New World Order-Hindu Way

New World Order-Hindu Way!!!?!!!

Think Tanks, Intellectuals, Political Analysts all over world discussing about how to establish a semblance in the ever-changing world after failed endeavour of so called ‘Super Powers’. World cannot be managed the same old way based on Muscle Power, Ideology but one has to have a fresh look, rather deep philosophical look.

Am saddened by the quality and content of discourses in public sphere especially amongst Indian Intellectuals, Political Analysts, Think Tanks who refuses to acknowledge changing world order and eagerly promoting Donor-Driven Agendas of Western/Abrahamic Ideology! Am sharing excerpts from Henry Kissinger Book: World Order: Reflections on the character of Nations and the course of History

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