My Young Chinese Friends

This is time to rework a new relation between India & China. India & China must work together to make Asian Century rather than competiting with each other. There is a strong cultural & religious link between both countries which must be rekindled. With West getting disarrayed, it is time to rework the energies in East especially between two old civilizations!


My Young Chinese Friends: By Basuhan9 

Nine months back on my regular official trip to Chennai & Trivandrum, I met three Chinese youth in the age group of 20-23. Why am I talking about Chinese Youth today, when Bharat is passing through such a difficult period, politicians, bureacracy, judiciary, media, all democratic institutions are at their lowest ebb; it’s last hope Youth(future of India) standing confused rather at crossroad. Perhaps, this is apt time to talk about three Chinese Youth!

The First one whom I met at Trivandrum Museum watching closely the displayed artifacts and taking notes. Our Guide could speak little English but okay Hindi. We were around fifteen people and as usual the guide was only explaining few popular stuff. The Chinese young tourist was also in the team. About some displayed artifacts, we asked our guide to explain but the poor man did not have answer. It…

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Still Defence Personnel being martyred at J&K with no remoarse from Political Class. Aman Ki Asha Vulture type Peaceniks playing worst kinda politics in the name of Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat etc. Vested Interest Group having no idea about rich heritage of Ancient Hindu Kashmir unfortunately been entrusted with solving J&K empasse. The unfolding of current events in J&K making most Hindus uncomfortable and forcing them to think whether Peaceniks trapped PM Modi too!


J&K Assembly Elections, tricky & long process for coalition government formation followed by treacherous turn of events made truly patriotic citizens of Bharat i.e. India worried and anxious. People who sacrificed their near & dear ones for this nation are asking only One Question that is “Will Kashmir consume PM Modi too”? Following piece by Retired Colonel TejK who served in Kashmir reiterated similar anxiousness.

It would amount to sheer heresy if such a question were asked six months back, when the Modi wave had not ebbed and Kejriwal was far from staging an amazing comeback in Delhi; a place where he had been flattened only a few months back in the general elections. But as they say, a week is too long a period in politics. Today, despite his government’s many achievements in a short span of time, Modi looks vulnerable; no where so dangerously as in Kashmir.


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Thirst is a State of Mind

People must know this after relaunch of Congress Prince RaGa!


Rahul Gandhi and a thirsty man: Ravi Shanker Kapoor 

A thirsty man requests Rahul Gandhi, “Please, give me a glass of water.”
RG: According to our scriptures, water is one of the five elements the universe is made up of, the other four being earth, fire, air, and space. Over 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Life is said to have begun in water, in oceans to be precise. Without water, life cannot exist. Therefore, your request is totally valid. In fact, you are empowered to ask for water. My interaction with you gives me the idea that we should come up with the Right to Water. My party will ensure that the people of this country get adequate water.
Thirsty man: But, sir, right now I need it urgently.
RG: I sympathize with you, as I sympathize with 120 crore people of this country. All…

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Hindutva inspired Cameron gains victory to form Govt in UK.

Time has come to HAIL HINDUTVA for Global Peace and Order!

Struggle for Hindu Existence

Britain needs to take inspiration from Hinduism: David Cameron

sam-cam-pa_2723124a (1)Kounteya Sinha |  TNN | London | May 5, 2015::  One of London’s most famous Hindu temples has been accorded the same status as two of Britain’s most iconic tourist draws – the Stonehenge and the Big Ben.

With just two days to go before Britain goes into polls, prime minister David Cameron is going all out to appease the Indian Hinducommunity in UK by saying that the Swaminarayan temple at Neasden is “a great British landmark” having the same stature as Stonehenge, the Angel of the North and Big Ben.

During one of his campaigning trips, Cameron who has travelled to India thrice after taking over office in 2010 promised to visit the Akshardham temple in Delhi if he returns to 10 Downing Street as prime minister for the second term.

Cameron also said that Britain needs to take inspiration from…

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Indian Bureaucracy-The Insensitive Native Ruler

Indian Bureaucracy-The Insensitive Native Ruler 

21st Century India can not succeed unless and until Red Tape, Nepotism and stronghold of Indian Bureaucracy is loosened & reformed. Native Indian Bureaucrats are actual rulers of India as they frame policies and implement as well. They tweak policies in connivance with Politicians to favour themselves, kith-kin and cronies. More than 90% NGOs are formed by them, family members and friends.

Public Funds meant for Welfare Schemes such as Alleviation of Poverty, Education for all, Health for all, Employment guarantee, Housing for poor, Safe drinking water and Sanitation, Irrigation Schemes and many more siphoned off by Bureaucrats in connivance with Politicians and their NGOs a well-known secret. This is a system which made deep inroads in our DNA. It has eaten away our roots like a termite. This blatant loot of Public Funds for Welfare Schemes gave birth to Crony Socialism. The Pseudo-Socialists literally made capitalism much abused word whereas socialists themselves thrived on Public Funds meant for Poor & Downtrodden. Unfortunately in public discourses, one finds innumerable discussions on Crony Capitalism but not once on Crony Socialism!

In the name of Socialism and being Welfare State for last Six Decades our Native Rulers(Bureaucracy & Politicians) made policies to suck our blood and cripple us forever. Perpetual misery, haplessness and complete absence of ethics from our Political, Judicial, Economical, Educational and Social system is direct outcome of Crony Socialism practiced and promoted by Native Ruling Class(Indian Bureaucracy+Politicians+Judiciary+Media+Petty Traders+NGOs).

Bureaucracy’s stronghold is so entrenched in the system that if one challenges it, gets booted out with humiliation, silenced into oblivion. To keep itself clean, bi-partisan and above law, the brown sahibs(Indian Bureaucracy) created a fall guy/blameguy in Politicians who are regularly caught, lynched for corruption and related ills; but hardly any bureaucrats. The moment a single bureaucrat is caught or notified, entire administrative, legal machinery come to standstill in protest. The brown sahibs hold the state to hostage and it has been almost impossible for any regime to challenge it or reform it. The adamance of native brown sahibs can be seen in revenue department which still believes in sucking common man’s blood for reasons best known to them. The revenue department justifies all sorts of taxation rather tax terrorism despite best efforts to bring in reforms by Elected representatives.

The lust for name, money, power & position takes some of them to the door of Political Parties, some gets into rights activism, some starts writing revelations & fancy books on Accidental Minister, Middle Class, Poverty, Human Suffering and also commenting on Poverty, Political System etc post retirement. Time has come to show mirror to & put in place these insensitive native rulers by bringing in administrative reforms.